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    A number puzzle game where your goal is to obtain a three-star rating

    • It's fun
    • Addictive puzzle
    • Lacks originality

    "Do whatever you want... but make it a 7"

    Match 7 Stars is a casual puzzle game which will make you think while passing the time.

    Create a 7 by combining other numbers and using as many numbers as possible. Try to obtain the highest possible rating and use the power-ups to make the game much more interesting. How to play? Simply swipe across the board to create that combination and keep in mind that there will be a maximum of moves you can do.

    Leo De Sol Apps is the developer of Match 7 Stars, a bright and colorful puzzle for those who simply look for a light entertainment.

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    Jun 04, 2014


    Match 7 Stars is a simple, addictive and non-typical match 3 game. Form 7s by combining numbers from 1 to 6 until you complete the level´s objective. Want to add 3+4 or 2+2+3? It is your choice! Explore the different 7’s combinations and how they will affect your score because Match 7 Stars is easy to play but a challenge to master. You can earn 1, 2 or 3 stars depending on your score: the more numbers you use to form a 7 or the more times you repeat the same 7, the more points you get.

    Up to 4 Power-ups to choose from will add even more excitement and gameplay possibilities.

    In Match 7 Stars, kids will find a fun and educational way to improve their adding skills, while young and adults will find a simple, entertaining & challenging puzzle that will keep them coming back for more!
    Match 7 Stars features include:
    -An addictive match 3 puzzle with a twist that makes it a unique experience
    -Easy, fun & addictive gameplay
    -Episode 1 includes 100 levels plus 40 bonus levels to play and 420 Stars to earn
    - 3 Game´s objectives: 7s, Glass & Letters
    - 4 Power-ups will help you complete the levels, but use them wisely!
    -Various objectives keep the game fun and engaging
    -More Episodes, Objectives, Power-ups and challenges to come!
    - 100% Free. (We also hate those evil In-app purchases!)
    Match 7 Stars was made for all of you. Please don´t hesitate to contact us with any comments, suggestions or problems you might have. And don´t forget, if you like the game, (and, we know you will) please share it with friends, because everyone deserves the satisfaction of playing Match 7 Stars!

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