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    99 Names Allah Islamic IQ Quiz

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    99 Names of Allah Islamic IQ Quiz is amongst the best Islamic IQ test Quiz and brain training Apps available on google play store. A perfect tool to learn fast track the 99 beautiful names of Allah through a stimulating FREE puzzle game quiz. Excellent tool to help get closer to Allah and thereby real and everlasting success. Helps to eventually automatically increase IQ as a by product and amazingly helps an individual to take any IQ test with confidence!
    This is because The Creator of all the worlds is The Source of all knowledge!

    Real knowledge and brain training comes only from Allah who is the Source of All creation. Recognition of Allah vis a vis the 99 names of Allah (his attributes) and his inexhaustible word, The Holy Quran as implemented by the wisdom of Mohammad s.a.w leads us to worship Allah in total submission strictly for his pleasure. The result is infinite success, peace of mind, peace of soul in all space and time dimensions!

    Real IQ brain training starts with an IQ booster. i.e. Learning the attributes of Allah and being thankful to him.
    IQ booster cannot be achieved without a solid foundation. Say: La ilaha il'Allah Mohammadur Rasul'Allah !

    A perfect way to invoke the blessings of Allah to shower down upon us for reviving Iman from the root, which is Allah himself in all is magnificent glory, unrivalled, unequaled! The Ultimate Source! If we have not got Allah what have we got? If we have got Allah then we have everything! This is a must have Islamic quiz to aid memorizing the beautiful 99 names of Allah whilst having fun and by activating the mind through brain training techniques and exercises found in brain games!

    Very effective as an Islamic IQ booster as we have incorporated IQ improving games technologies to facilitate IQ improvement.

    Brain training has never been easier and more fun than it is now with our IQ enhancing and IQ booster minigames. Mind games are fun with our simple yet effective memory and IQ enhancing quiz game for kids and adults alike. FREE Android downloads available now on google play!

    Download 99 Names of Allah Islamic IQ test quiz to start getting prepared for a REAL and BENEFICIAL IQ test of life. i.e. to become ready to leave the world one entered the world in complete purity of mind body and soul.

    The link between mind body and soul is overlooked especially in educational institutions where weight is given to an IQ test based mostly on irrelevant knowledge which does not benefit the individual in all time and spacial dimensions of this world and the after life. Emotional intelligence, Spiritual intelligence and Spiritual insight are more or less sidelined for temporal knowledge which is not forever lasting nor forever beneficial.

    We are honoured, thankful and in awe of Allah's never ending grace and mercy to be in a postition to be able to present the people of the world REAL IQ enhancing brain games and FREE puzzle games inorder to facilitate the brain Training required to be illuminated from the Nur of Allah through polishing the fathomless depths of the human heart which is the only container in all of the universes able to contain Allah! Yet at the same time nothing can contain Allah! The path is steep and narrow just as it was for the famous 313 of the Battle of Badr.

    The 99 Names of Allah Islamic IQ Quiz is a humble effort on the road to Allah and we would like to request users to leave us positive feedback with the Google review system to encourage and motivate us to produce better Islamic educational Apps

    Lastly your deep and sincere duas our requested by us for guidance of all of us in this world. Ameen

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