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    The 99 Names of Allah pic Revealer is Islamic IQ boosting minigames at its best using fun quiz games and brain training games techniques to learn about the personal attributes of Allah!

    Islamic brain training and IQ improving games start with recognizing Allah as The Creator of the Universes and all they contain and Mohammad s.a.w as the final messenger. This Free Puzzle game app using the Android platform is really fun as it reveals the attributes of Allah in a very exciting and addictive way.

    The player can attempt to recognize the name of Allah by revealing more squares from the hidden tiles. He can also use his coins to reveal letters or take away incorrect letters.

    An excellent complimentary, intriguing and stimulating FREE quiz game to learn the 99 beautiful Names of Allah offering a thorough brain training exercise which helps one to gain the knowledge of Allah i.e. ilm of Allah. It is known that one who learns the names of Allah will be successful and do those deeds which will hopefully help him negotiate the steep and narrow path to Allah for eternal bliss in paradise!

    It has been proven by the elite of mankind (ca. 124K Prophets) that learning the 99 names of Allah and bringing those qualities alive within us as Allah wants us to will definitely set the foundations for a healthy and beneficial life
    in our planet as well as in life after death in paradise and protection from the hellfire.

    An Islamic IQ booster is all about realigning man's self into line with the harmony of the rest of the Universe so man is able to raise to his true IQ potential, i.e. knowledge of Allah ! The Islamic IQ test is all about spending life according to the the wisdom of Mohammad s.a.w. as directed by Allah's word, The Holy Quran.

    The desire to learn real knowledge of Allah comes with guidance from Allah which is always so near, nearer than the jugular vein! Knowing The Creator of all creation personally and intimately will set a standard of defining and measuring real IQ. Modern secular methods using IQ test preparation is flawed as it does not have a foundation based on truth. One of Allah's attributes is Al-Haq which means to the nearest concise meaning, The Only Truth!

    The conventional secular IQ test is further negatively skewed as emotional intelligence and spirituality are excluded. In effect they are based on a snapshot of an oscillation based on hypothetical speculation which cannot be quantified for the task at hand!

    The 99 Names of Allah Revealer is the perfect introduction to anyone interested in understanding the source of Islam, Allmighty Allah himself! When mankind forms a relationship with his Creator Allah, one to one live and direct, living life becomes beneficial with meaningful use of time, space and energy.

    The perfect way to spread blessings amongst our loved ones. What better present than to facilitate an introduction to Allah himself? The perfect Dawah is the call to Allah himself! Everything thereafter will Insha'Allah fall into place. Allah is a hidden treasure and wants to be known. He wants us to yearn for him in anticipation, in awe of his greatness!

    99 Name Allah pic Revealer is definitely amongst the best Islamic Android Apps on the market and definitely amongst the best IQ improving games available FREE with download NOW!

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