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    Published: 2014-05-09, by Peter Warrior.

    Help the helpless heroine to escape the ancient mace

    • Characters and 3D graphics
    • Stealth and hiding game
    • Unfriendly controls
    • Unfair camera
    • Lack of campaign, options and standard stuff

    "I'm not a tomb raider."

    Tombs of Eden is a 3D stealth game in which you have to guide the main character through a maze and find the key to the exit door while avoiding the guards that patrol the corridors. The main character is a young unarmed girl, so your only resources are stealth and cunning. You can't stand a chance against guards carrying firearms.

    3D mazes are cool, set in ancient ruins, and the dynamic camera follows or anticipates you to give a cinematic feeling and capture that "stealth" taste. However, here's where problems start. That camera focus on wherever it sees fit, often leaving you with a too narrow angle, thus in practice blind, when not looking at a wall or worse.

    Controls, which had to be intuitive for the win, are a nightmare, because instead of the on-screen joystick someone believed it was a good idea to tap and drag to move and long tap to lurk and stalk. It wasn't. In a game where you should be accurately hiding at a corner and timely running when a guard is walking away from the intersection you are, you find yourself stopping where you shouldn't and going where you didn't want. Controls absolutely spoil user experience.

    In addition, the lack of a proper menu and a campaign and stuff, plus the absence of a tutorial make of this game something with as much potential, but at the same time so unable to be recommended yet. Let's hope future updates fix all up.

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    May 09, 2014


    *** Adventure, loot & survive! ***

    Adventure to find the last guardian. The lost catacombs of Eden have just been raided. Angel is exploring and needs to find a way out!

    Can you find the key and the exit in time?

    Adventure and discover the secret of the tombs. Escape the dungeons with your life! The Keeper of the maze has a prisoner, will it be you? Avoid the other raiders at all costs! Find the hidden object keys and explore the depths of the catacombs! Will the last guardian stop you, or can you make it past unseen?

    An adventure is an exciting or unusual experience. It may also be a bold, usually risky undertaking, with an uncertain outcome. Adventures may be activities with some potential for physical danger such as tomb exploration or participating in extreme sports. There will be physical or psychological risk! The last guardian has the answer.


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