Prison Island The Alcatraz - Jail Escape




    HFG Ena Game Studio released new escape game with two Prison Break Challenge. Using your brain and try to run away from this prison.

    Game story:
    PRISON ISLAND-The Alcatraz: This game is inspired from the famous prison Alcatraz. In this thriller escape game, two prisoners are planning to escape from the dark Alcatraz jail located in a remote Island. In Prison escape 1- Marshall, the prisoner, tells about how he got arrested, and how he is planning to escape from the jail. In Prison escape 2- Prisoner Hoffman tries to break out of the prison just like Marshal did.

    In this prison game, you get to play the role of the masterminded prisoners to escape the Alcatraz, the world's secured prison. This is a perfect chance to prove your intelligence, and deduction skill. While escaping the jail, you will be fighting the trained cops, and cunning fellow prisoners. Use all the resources you find for way out , and try to escape from this prison.

    Can Marshall and Hoffman escape the Alcatraz? Will they meet their families? Well... it's up to you!

    Get ready and prepared your escape plan

    You are expert in playing prisoner games and jail game then try it once.

    New mission starts here and try to breakout each and every doors,

    The game is filled with fun and the story convey how the criminal escape from the prison.

    The backgrounds are surely convey the real prison life.

    At the time of escape you have to cross lots of mystery room and run away.

    Game Features:
    * 30 break out challenging levels.
    * Addictive Brain Power Increasing Jail break Game
    * Fight with cops, find clues and solve puzzles
    * 4 hours of thrilling gameplay.
    * You'll need to break locks, vigilant cops, disable the surveillance cameras.
    * Now do you believe that you can escape from Alcatraz?
    * One of the best Criminal escape game in this category.

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