Baby Hazel Newborn Vaccination




    “Matt has to be vaccinated today. Help Hazel to get him ready for the hospital. Be quick or else kids will miss doctor’s appointment”
    Newborn baby is a new life, who requires a lot of care, love and affection. Let’s join Hazel to help her in taking every care of Matt without making him cry.
    Today Matt has to be vaccinated. Mom has asked Hazel to help her in readying Matt for the hospital. Let’s join Hazel and assist her in completing baby care activities. Give Matt a quick shower and dress him up in nice looking costumes and accessories. Appointment is fixed so don’t be late and reach hospital on time.
    Games features:
    • Help Hazel to wake up Matt; but don’t make him cry
    • Prepare a bath tub for infant
    • Give gentle shower to Matt using mild soap and shampoo
    • Pick the most comfortable dress for Matt
    • Be careful while dressing him up; Matt is too delicate
    • At hospital, pamper cute little Matt with toys as he may cry after being vaccinated
    Loaded with interactive activities, Baby Hazel Newborn Vaccination is truly all time favorite game!!!
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