Airline CEO: Premium

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    The Premium version has several extra functions that offer you much better management and challenging gameplay. More information below!

    You are the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of your own airline!

    Airline CEO is an "airline management game". Your responsibilities as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) range from marketing and aircraft planning to the creation of new flight routes, which your airplanes are going to fly in the future. The missions you receive are optional but will offer more variety in gameplay and bring you additional rewards.
    For you as an airline manager or airline tycoon, it is important to know the following functions:
    Your game starts with 15.500.000 as beginner budget.
    Airline CEO is based on some basic features that are quick and easy to understand. Pre-knowledge is not needed at all, so the game offers the highest level of beginner friendliness.
    However it is also interesting for experts, because it does not leave out any important functions for the professional management of an airline.
    The app is equipped with clear and structured interfaces that allow a good organization.

    BEGINNER FRIENDLY as no "know how" is required
    NO PRE-KNOWLEDGE due to simple functions
    PROFESSIONAL due to extensive operating possibilities
    OVERVIEW owing to well structured overviews
    CHALLENGES because of marketing and missions
    VARIETY due to additional missions
    PERSONALIZED because of individual interface designs
    EASY START through start budget of 15.500.000
    ACCESS to upcoming new features

    Rise to the greatest airline manager or rather airline tycoon!

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