Alien Hero Run




    Alien Hero has arrived. On the lonely planet, there are many coins that every aliens want to possess them all. One of the alien who everybody call him "Hero" wants to challenge his skills to get all coins.

    This game is suitable for Kids. It's very easy and help to raise up children's meditation. The peaceful song will help kids relax. They will love this game for sure.

    What is Hero can do? He cannot fly but he can jump on the air! (Double jump). A suspicious behavior of such aliens is they have to always walk even he will clash a wall. But our hero can break that behavior! He can walk slowly to get anything he want such as coin, rock, bubble ball, etc. That's why other aliens call him "Hero".

    How's about a planet. When hero use his space plane clash the planet. He wonder to see 4 atmosphere on this planet.
    1. Grass atmosphere: It is very nice with fresh air. This atmosphere is very cool for everyone.
    2. Hill atmosphere: This atmosphere may be dangerous because it's very high but nothing can stop our Hero.
    3. Castle atmosphere: This atmosphere can be called "Rock Clash" atmosphere too. There are many rock fly in the air like a witch use spell to fly them. Beware to fall from them.
    5. Sand atmosphere: This area is very dangerous. Stay sharp and then you will pass this area safely.

    How to play
    1. Use left button for break our Hero to walk slowly.
    2. Use A button for jump. Tip. Tap the button twice immediately, Hero will jump very high.
    3. Try to get all coins in level and you will get 3 star reward.
    4. Try to get all Achievement from Google Play System.

    - 20 Levels you will be fun with them.
    - Share on Facebook.
    - 6 Achievements waiting you to get them all.

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