Ancient Continent - Hero TD




    Can the Guard Heroes help the princess resolve the crisis in the kingdom of the Ancient Continent?
    What story will evolve between battle-hardened Gree and the beautiful yet powerful Ida?
    Will the evil bosses stop our heroes or will they march on to victory?
    Only YOU can decide the fate of the characters, their friends, and the whole kingdom!

    *27 levels with three varying difficulty modes to challenge even the most dedicated adventurer.
    *Choose from over 18 different Guard Heroes with different skills to fit your unique playing style.
    *Hundreds of different items and gems to discover, use, and upgrade for strategic victory.
    *Varying game modes offer fresh and unique opportunities for loot, honor, and glory!
    *Chest mode - defeat waves of enemies for an increased reward: a different surprise each time.
    *Guard and plunder modes - compete against others to gain and defend your honor!
    *Special competition Arena for each elite player gaining achievement!
    *Prepared own Guild and call other players to fight against demon in Magic Mode!
    *You can get a lot of princess honor from the competitive Guild War and City Battle!
    *Strong guild world bosses will make all player guarding heroes together to protected the princess!

    -Developers tested an Alpha and Beta release for three months to ensure a quality gaming experience; however, errors and glitches do occur. Please, contact us through in-game support by tapping the ?Help? icon.
    -Other problems or suggestions? Tap the Help icon in-game or check our Facebook and Google+.
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