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    T-Rex dinosaur games are always fun. Wild Dinosaurs are no more extinct to dinosaur world in angry dinosaur game. They are still alive and present in human world. The dinosaurs are attacking the city, dinosaur apocalypse has started in your hometown. In dinosaur world quest, you have to hunt the dinosaurs and finish them. You are the dinosaur prey or hint in such T-rex dinosaur games. Not only you are hunting them but you are also being hunted by them in the angry dinosaur game. It’s not a zoo, it’s dangerous and breath-taking adventurous game. City is inhabited by dinosaurs now, dinosaurs era has come. Kill dinosaurs in dangerous environments in the dino safari of this dinosaur world of dinosaur games. Be a solid shooter and kill all the dangerous tyrannosaurus rex hunting you in dino safari of t-rex games. Enjoy this exciting experience of such dino fossil games in an amazing and exciting dinosaur jungle safari.

    This is your only chance to kill dinosaurs animal simulator in dinosaur era of such t-rex games and be best carnivore hunter. In such fights sometimes you will die by dinosaurs attack but no need to worry in this dino simulator. Each match is not time limited in the dinosaur jungle. After you die, you will return to the war frontline battlefield, so you won't be permanently dead. You can avenge yourself and gunshot surviving killer dinosaurs with critical damage in t-rex simulator. Every time you gain skills in an animal simulator that will help you to achieve desirable victory in amazing dinosaur jungle safari. You can rescue your life by a speed run racing yourself from dinosaurs or attack them in this dinosaur fossil game at dinosaur era. Do not stand still in Jurassic park of dinosaur simulator, fire and reload your weapon's charge, it isn't a dinosaur puzzle. Move, at this time your damage from a clash with the ancient monsters will gradually recover. If you need to take rest after active battles on this survival arena of dino simulator, make a break using pause mode in t-rex simulator, where you'll be completely invisible.

    Dive into this new gaming experience of shooting, killing and dinosaur hunting of this safari dino hunter 3d. Your only mission in such dinosaur fossil game of dinosaurs attack is be a survivor, hunt the dinosaurs in this dinosaur simulator, trap them, shoot them and kill them from your own city. Be the best dino hunter in dino games. These carnivores will eat you up if you will not finish all so be a carnivore hunter. Open and explore a huge world full from dinosaurs by doing dino hunt. Hunt and look at the photo-realistic dinosaurs in Jurassic park of dino Jurassic world, from small to giant, from herbivores to carnivores, in fabulous simulation and be a dino hunter in kind dino games. This outstanding high-end shooting game gives you the wonderful opportunity to explore and dive into the impressive super dinosaur adventure of dinosaur hunting in these dinosaur games. Rescue your life in dino Jurassic world by dino hunt.

    Features of Angry Dinosaur Adventure - Wild Life Simulator:

    • Realistic dinosaur simulator game!
    • Exciting and dangerous dinosaur jungle.
    • Thrilling adventures in this dinosaur jungle.

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