Angry Sea White Shark Revenge




    Take control over world most powerful and brutal underwater species predator known as white death. Angry Sea White Shark Revenge thrilling and exciting new game for ocean and water lovers. Feel the rage as great angry shark and fight against your arch rival Orca killer whale.

    Angry Sea White Shark Revenge Features:

    15 breath taking action packed hunter missions
    Free mode to swim, jump and diving like real life shark in sea
    Realistic fish animation and physics for smooth gameplay
    Intuitive controls with amazing background music
    HD underwater sea life with fish, species, whale, treasure and plants

    Human hunters are boating over surface to kill this sea monster with modern weapons make them scare with your jump attack without any mercy.

    Angry Sea White Shark Revenge offers you 15 underwater missions for brutal hunting like great tiger shark. Swim as furious shark wreck the ships with this monster fish species. Scare small fish and make them your tasty meal. Collect hearts in the deep ocean to maintain your life and health bar. Play as crazy evil carnivore in Hungry White Shark Revenge 3D amazing simulation game in your android phone and tablets.

    Some fisherman trying to trap you and catch you bring turmoil and havoc to their hopes. Bring rampage in ocean destroy boat, eat humans, small fishes fight with killer orca whale. Terrorize the ocean world with your mighty jaws, sharp teeth and rage attack. Enjoy diving and swimming like realistic fish in water in Angry Sea White Shark Revenge sim.

    “Enjoy over different animal simulation game for complete family entertainment and fun”

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