Animal Fight Club - Wild Fury Ninja Battle Kingdom




    Welcome to the animal kingdom and ready to fight in the animal fight club for the fantasy battle simulator of animal fighting game. Choose from the variety of animals in the game and enter the animal kingdom for beast battles between the animals. Animal Fight Club - Wild Fury Ninja Battle Kingdom is real wild animals fighting game. Hunting animals fury in the rainforest animals and hunting adventure for the deadliest animals in the epic battle simulator. Animal kingdom and forest kingdom for the animal fight is yet another kingdom war between the different animals. Real wild animals of mutant monsters like anaconda snake, lion, tiger, cat, snake, dinosaur, elephant and all kind of African safari animals. Real wild animals and deadliest animals of African safari animals in the hunting fury of mutant monsters. Ultimate battle simulator and the epic battle simulator is the animal fight of forest kingdom.

    Jungle chaos is everywhere in the Animal Fight Club - Wild Fury Ninja Battle Kingdom game. Wrestling between the different wild animals is going to held in the rainforest animals to discover dinosaurs in the wildlife simulator game. Real action and the fighting game between the wild animals of the rainforest. Escape hunter in the sniper hunter wild safari. There are different wild animals to choose from the battle kingdom. Anaconda snake, lion, tiger, cat, elephant, dinosaur and wildlife animals. Wrestling monster evolution of mutant shadow fighter is going to happen in the kingdom battle. Ultimate fighting would be going in ring fighting where you can use kickflip, superkick, and punches in robot ring wrestling game. Wrestling in the ring of the animal kingdom of battle to win the championship cup of monster evolution. Big Cats hunting in the animal simulator of jaguar produce the endless fighting of a wild gorilla with jaguar and tiger. Animal fight in the wrestling ring of the animal kingdom. Win in the wrestling ring and won the championship cup for the monster evolution of animal fighting cup. Snake vs Car, lion vs tiger, elephant vs dinosaur, Jaguar vs gorilla would be taken place in the wrestling ring. Wild animal fight in the battleground of a battle kingdom in animal fight club.

    Animal Fight Club - Wild Fury Ninja Battle Kingdom game contains ultimate fighting game and has a fighting trainer to train the animals for beast battles. Battle is a different game than the animal fighting games. Action game and hunting adventure in jungle chaos for ultimate fighting between the animals. Endless fighting for panther simulator as a new mutant of discover dinosaurs. Battle kingdom and fight club for the ninja battle in wild fury for wrestling ring for boxer game. Beast battles between the deadliest animals took place in the wrestling ring for championship cup. A new mutant is making on the way as a real wild animal. Animal Fight Club - Wild Fury Ninja Battle Kingdom just like a wrestling game of 2018. The ultimate battle simulator in the animal kingdom of heroes bodyparts to take animal selfies. If you love animals fight then this game is for you to fight in the wrestling ring and forest kingdom to make the beast battles. Kingdom war is fantasy battle for the hunting animals fury. Download the action-packed game and enjoy the fighting in the wrestling ring of the animal kingdom.

    Gameplay has many different functions:
    1- Choose between different animals for a fight.
    2- Different wrestling rings in the animal kingdom
    3- Fight between varieties of animals
    4- Kickflip, superkick, and boxer punches
    5- Excellent Jungle environment
    6- Extreme superb gameplay and controls

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