Animal Paradise




    Do you deserve a paradise?

    Animals, one day, decided to take the human race for a ride. So much had they heard about the supposed intelligence of the 2-legged species. The challenge was that from a crowd the humans had to spot the animals of the same kind. They woould win if they did this. They would lose if they ran out of time.

    If you haven't paid a visit to the zoo in a while, and are yearning for one, Animal Paradise is just the game for you.

    - An exquisite world set in a forest.
    - Scores of animals, of all kinds, would keep descending from above.
    - Monkey, Snail, Teleporter - these are the special powers to be used.
    - Collect goodies along the way as you keep on winning.

    Animal Paradise is one game that would catch your imagination. Make sure you catch your attention as well. Only then would you deserve to be a part of this paradise.

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