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    Animal Sounds application is a fun application which is very simple to use.

    The purpose of the application is to look at the pictures of animals, especially children, to learn the different voices of animals.

    In Application, animal sounds and pictures are given together for children and it is expected kids get familiar with nature and became true nature lovers.

    • 90 The animal is waiting for you.

    The main features of the application are briefly:

    • The animal sounds are completely free.
    • Application can work without internet connection.
    • Animal Sounds has a successful rate of over 1 million downloads and It is quite popularly used.
    • You can set animal sounds as ring tones, message tones and alarm tones.
    • Animal sounds are especially developed for children ages 1-6.
    • The aim of animal sounds is to help children learn animals in a fun and fast way.
    • Slide show feature is available.
    • High quality animal pictures and sounds are waiting for you.
    • With the Memory game in the game section, kids can match pairs of animals and have fun.
    • They reinforce what they learn in the quiz section.
    • Animals are categorized in four categories. These are All animals, water world, birds, farm animals.
    o Water world: Dolphin, frog, humpback whale ...
    o Birds: Crow, Duck, Penguin, Chicken, Canary, Eagle, flamingo ...
    o Livestock: cows, dogs, donkeys, horses, rabbits, sheep, goats ...
    • There are 10 language options.

    • Learning animals with quiz and games has become more fun.
    • There are 4 different mini-quizzes in the quiz sections. Children have 5 questions in every quiz to test their knowledge. For example, one of the quiz options is; the animal sound is given and kids listen the voice and guess what animal it belongs to. In this way, you will consolidate and transform your knowledge it into practice.
    • Provides concept development.
    • Strengthens visual perception and memory.

    Game features in application

    The aim of the game is to find the same animal pairs as soon as possible. The matched pairs become invisible. The game is completed when the last pair of animals is found. When the game ends, the number of attempts, score, duration, bonus and total score are shown. It has 3 difficulty levels. Easy, normal and hard.

    • Easy difficulty option 3x4 size
    • Normal difficulty option is 4x5 size
    • Hard difficulty option is a matrix of 6x8 size.

    Supported languages
    Turkish - English - German - French - Spanish - Arabic - Russian - Portuguese - Korean.

    If there is a phone that you think the application does not support, let us know, we will proceed immediately.

    Your comments, critics are very important in further improving the application. Please do not forget to add your review while using the app.

    ATTENTION: Sound files and some photos which were used in this application, were obtained from various sources on the internet that labeled them as "freely distributable". Therefore, if you discover any sound file in this application which you recognize as copyrighted, please email me. In this way, I will remove them immediately.

    Most of the image and vector files which were used in this application were bought from "".

    ** Dog voice, lion voice, giraffe voice and other 90 animal sounds and pictures in total waiting for you to learn. Fun games in practice, your own album creation option, you can download this application, which is very attractive with high quality photos. Log into the animal kingdom and start to recognize them.

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