Animals Together




    Animas Together is the new brain trainer game everybody is talking about!

    Animals are in danger! They have lost its peers and the environment is becoming more and more dangerous. Will you help them to find each other before it's too late?

    Animals Together gameplay is based on the premise of simplicity: With a single finger the direction of movement of the animals in each level is indicated. They always move together in the desired direction, so the challenge is both avoid the dangers of each level and make their paths coincide in some point, taking advantage of the stage structures. Depending on the number of touches used to complete each level, the player will get more or less stars and score, you can share on social networks.

    Key Features:

    * New puzzle game for all Android platforms

    * Simple but stimulating Mechanics. Each new level presents a challenge to the player's mind!

    * Help each pair of animals to meet, avoiding obstacles and using special action boxes for different species !

    * 10 different animals with 10 levels each, equal to a total of 100 amazing and challenging levels of play!

    * Two types of aid for the player: "Undo last move" and "Track tour" through which the player gets a share of the best way to complete each level.

    * Everything in this game is original, from its gameplay approach to its graphic and sound design. Exercise your mind with something new!

    * Share your experience with friends through Facebook and Twitter: if you get stuck on a level, ask for help through social networks!

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