Armed Prison Break 3D Cop Race




    You’re on the run and police is on your back. You’ve got a super car and a machine gun mounted on it. What will you do? Escape from the police or turn yourself in?

    State-Of-The-Art Cars And Massive 18 Wheelers
    If your choice is to escape, welcome to the game! Ignite the engines and hit the streets with your favorite super car model and the fully loaded gun. Shoot mercilessly at whatever that comes on your way.
    If a car is not your type of vehicle get a mighty 18 wheeler truck and sweep your way through the streets like a goliath. Smash police cars and drive your way to bring down destruction upon anything and everything that stands on your way.

    Let the cops chase you all over the town. Escape from them or destroy them, choice is yours. Perform stunts to bewilder the squads. Use the ultimate fully loaded machine gun at your disposal to blow up police cars.
    Hot Pursuits, FBI Squads And Ultimate Destruction

    Cause ultimate destruction and be the most wanted street outlaw in the city. More the felonies you cause, more the cops will get angry. As you move on to become a felon wanted by the entire state, task force and the FBI squads will set their trails after you. Feel the rush of hot pursuits and burning tires. Don’t fail a single mission to let the police cars ambush you. There are two options. Brake to surrender or shoot to massacre.
    Cool Graphics And Smooth Gaming

    Armed Prison Break 3D Cop Race is not another racing game. It comes with a package of extreme gaming experience of a whole new level. Clear asphalt tracks and high performance 3D cars are smoothly designed to offer you the best racing experience. High quality graphics, high fidelity sounds and optimized physics will make your adrenaline rush as you drive fast through the streets of Detroit.
    Works on Android 2.3 and up.

    Be the first among your gameholic friends to download the extreme racing game of the year. Armed Prison Break 3D Cop Race is not a game that you will stop in the middle. This is the new addiction among young males.
    Gaming experience may change depending on the performance of your device.

Caution: All the stunts in the game are virtually simulated. Trying them out on the street is not advised.

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