Ascii Birds




    ---------------------------- ASCII BURRD (vers 1.1) --------------------

    By Rooflesoft/Jalopy:Studios, 2014

    "Ascii" the bird wants to travel across Ascii Land, but there's one problem - he cannot fly!

    This is where you come in, you must tap the screen of your device to keep him airbourne whilst avoiding hazards including a litany of pipes, and a rifle-toting crazed farmer by the name of Farmyard Pete who wishes to use you as target practice!!

    Shelds are awarded for high scores. 16 shields to collect.

    To clear your score, go to the "manage apps" section of Android, select this application & then select "clear data".

    CONTROLS : Tap to flap!
    CHANGELOG (01/11/14)

    - Pipe generation code optimised for slower devices
    - Crash on advert transition fixed
    - Collision routine for Farmyard Pete tweaked
    - Crosshair movement tweaked
    - New splash screen

    ------------------------------------------------Privacy Disclaimer--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    This app has a "low maturity" rating. The main app does not ask for nor use any uniquely identifiable details relating to the user or the users device.

    This app uses advertisements from third-party ad networks which may use cookies or other forms of user/device identification in order to collect data about the way users interact with their ads. The user is under no obligation whatsoever to interact with these ads & they can be skipped safely & anonymously using the "skip ads" button.

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