Ask'nSeek is a 2 player-cooperative-game. One player - the Master - hides a target region in an image. The second player - the Seeker - has to find the region.

    Master's role
    * Hides a target within an image
    * Provides clues (indications) to the Seeker upon request

    Seeker's role
    * Uses the indications provided by the master to guess the location of the hidden target

    3 modes available:
    * Classic: with a timer
    * Number of turns: play in as few turns as possible
    * Bet: Bet for the number of turns you will need to help find the target

    Several themes for the pictures available.

    Unlock bonuses as you progress, and use them to earn more points.

    Ask'nSeek can also be played in a web browser at this address:

    Ask'nSeek was designed to be a "crowdsourcing game": it was made to help research. You send data about the pictures, you have fun, that helps research!

    That is also why the game is only in English.

    The game is completely Ad-Free.

    Enjoy! :)

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