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    A remake of the arcade action space shooter Asteroid Buster - the complete full version for free! Enjoy endless waves of intimidating space rock flying at high speeds towards your vessel. You must command your ship in the harsh depths of space, collect powerups to increase firepower and survival chances, while battling an endless onslaught of asteroids! Intense explosions and collisions keep the action constant, and several unique control styles allow any type of player to pick up and enjoy Asteroid Buster!

    Asteroid Buster Major Features:
    - Powerups to help destroy asteroids, or defend your ship.
    - High Scores to remember your most epic game by!
    - Achievements to earn, if you can...
    - Infinite unique waves of incoming asteroids waiting to pummel your spaceship!
    - NO INTRUSIVE GAMEPLAY ADVERTISING! Don't worry about any interruptions to the action!

    When playing Asteroid Buster you take control of a spaceship, armed with an energy weapon, and must take on the countless asteroids as they hurtle towards your ship, spinning out of control! Intense space combat at its finest.

    As you destroy the asteroids they break apart and launch smaller rocks in all directions.

    You can collect powerups to provide you an edge on the ever increasing asteroid population, such as a powerful Laser powerup that blasts through asteroids then continues on its path of destruction, or the Shield powerup which will take an impact without letting your ship take damage. There is the Multi-Shot powerup, which enables your ship to fire 3 projectiles at once which can cause serious mayhem. Plus the Extra Life powerup. If you manage to collect a Laser and Multi-Shot you get a combined Multi-Laser, three laser beams destroying massive amounts of space rock, passing through everything they encounter!

    As you destroy the asteroids, more will come in from outside and continue to threaten your survival, until ultimately, you will meet certain doom...

    ...and then your high score gets saved, and your battle will never be forgotten!

    Each game is unique, asteroid enter from randomized directions, sometimes at deadly velocity. Dodging asteroids can be fun and exciting while firing a triple laser dangerously passing through every collision and destroying more asteroids. Players can try to reach incredible scores and record them for showing their asteroid busting skills to everyone, to challenge them to beat your score.

    All the classic memories brought to life an your android device! Explosive effects and high intensity shootouts with wave after wave of asteroids can be very entertaining for all ages and varieties of gamers! Give asteroid buster a try today!

    PERMISSIONS are 1)internet access/check internet access and 2)hardware vibration access. These are used only for 1)ads and play games integration, and 2)for in game vibration function.

    -No personal data is ever collected or transmitted - and the only information sent or received over the internet is for advertising purposes, or sending and recording scores and achievements to google's play games services.


    Do you enjoy Asteroid Buster? Always trying to beat your friends high scores and become the champion? Take a moment and write us a review and help bring more games from Ninjetic Studios to android devices near you!

    If you've ever played arcade classics, then your likely to enjoy asteroid buster. The retro galaxy needs gunners like you, so get in on the action, jump into aerospace and get geared up for a spacewalk like no other!

    Thanks for playing!

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