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    Published: 2014-04-16, by Janel.

    Sidescolling monkey-themed coin-collection baboon-bopping runner

    • High quality cartoony graphics
    • Smooth gameplay
    • Nothing unique
    • Not enough interest from level to level

    "The only thing monkeys like more than bananas is cold, hard cash"

    Who doesn't love bananas, monkeys, and money? There actually doesn't appear to be any fruit whatsoever in Apps4Everyone's Banana Island–Monkey Run Game - the name must be for tourism purposes - but of monkeys and gold coins there are plenty.

    The lil' simian friend runs and runs; his legs are in mad shape and he'll never stop, never give up, never get winded, never lose faith. He's a greedy ape, however, and as such you'll want to jump him from platform to platform snagging all the doubloons you can lay your paws upon. Hopping on baboons' heads is also a grand idea. Fret not that they're both primates and as such nearly brothers; the baboon is evil and must be trounced as such.

    Basically, you're going to be running and jumping and collecting coins. Beat the level to gain access to the next one. It's kind of comforting in its brainlessness, but seriously, it would have been great to see some different items hiding in the levels that enabled, oh, super-speed, or winged-mutation, or spontaneous combustion. Something to make this game stand out from the rest of the genre - the graphics and the response is there, but there's just no meat on the quite supple bones.

    I've waxed lyrical about Apps4Everyone's Banana Island–Monkey Run Game, but you probably won't for too long, unless you too are a monkey with a lust for coinage.

    Janel Appszoom logo

    by Janel , Appszoom

    Apr 16, 2014


    Are you ready for the craziest jungle run of your life? Meet Bobo and help him battle the evil baboons who captured his girlfriend! Slide, rush, and dash across tons of obstacles in this crazy free running and jumping game! Download Banana Island - Monkey Kong Run and collect all the banana coins! Get your move on now!

    Majestic level design!
    Simple tap controls!
    Crazy baboon enemies!
    Run, jump, and collect coins!
    Buy additional lives!

    You're tired of grannies, zombies, and temple races, right? It's time for innovation! This jungle monkey runner is always racing forward, and your job is to jump and avoid obstacles, battle your enemies, and collect coins. So, let's kick off this crazy “monkey run” adventure quest together! We guarantee you that this awesome 2d side scroller running game will give you an awesome bounty ride!

    Classic arcade “run and jump games” were extremely popular in the 90s, and now they are making a huge comeback. So, buckle up and prepare for the best monkey flight ever! Race through majestic environments on the monkey island full of bananas and crazy baboons. Breathtaking graphics and simple swipe controls will follow you on a “jungle run” of your life!

    This 2d side scrolling arcade platformer provides you with an interesting gameplay and dynamic physics. The bounty monkey will run jump and collect coins through picturesque levels, each with its own unique design. Moreover, he'll get a chance to buy extra lives and stay longer in the game! So, don't hesitate! Ride in the jungle island and battle all your enemies! Your girlfriend is waiting, so hurry up and fight for her life!

    Kong, the cruel baboon king, has kidnapped Bobo's girlfriend, beautiful Lilly. Therefore, our happy monkey has to leave his cozy “banana island” and go on a mega running adventure in order to save her. She's waiting in the dark Temple, so hurry up! You have to jump and run across platforms, and fight all the bad guys! Beat them up like a pro and show them who is the fastest runner in the jungle. Get Banana Island - Monkey Kong Run for free right now and experience the blast of fun!

    If you're a fan of rpg parkour games and free ape running, you're at the right place. “Running and jumping games” with jungle animals are totally 'in' right now, so become a racer and collect as many banana coins as you can. Don't let king Kong and his angry baboons win the battle – arm yourself with bounty jumping and let the monkey racing begin!

    If you enjoy playing classic arcade “monkey games” , here is a new addicting 2d runner for you. Banana Island - Monkey Kong Run differentiates itself in many ways from the pack of free running games for kids available on the market. This super cool 2d side scroller oozes charm and excitement, and everything is controlled by a single tap on your phone screen. So, let the jumping mania begin!

    Help our monkey dash and blast his enemies in this super run and jump classic arcade game. Let's kick off a mega jumping and coin collecting mission in the jungle - together! Embrace this parkour adventure and get ready for the gorilla revenge! Lilly is waiting and she is imprisoned and lonely! Start racing towards the dark Temple and show us what a jumper you are. Blast the baboons and flight from evil in the best rpg monkey racing game ever!

    Let's go on a jungle ride! Don't let your enemies escape – race through awesome levels and let your monkey flight the baboons. In comparison to all other running games with apes and gorillas, this one is the most addicting. If you download Banana Island Monkey Run Game today, you'll be hooked in a matter of minutes!

    If you enjoy entertaining arcade animal games, get your racing shoes and let's dash together in the best rpg platform of the year! Don't run slowly like your gran – install this fun retro game and sprint through incredible levels! Get Banana Island Monkey Run Game and let the jungle mania begin!

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