Basketball Trivia Game




    Do you think you know your NBA basketball trivia? Categories: Awards, Colleges, Draft Picks, Stats.

    Questions about player stats, awards, draft picks, playoffs, NBA finals, and more!

    - NO user submitted questions.
    - NO multiple choice.
    - NO lame questions.

    We love trivia! But we've found most trivia games out there aren't that fun: awkward and sometimes incorrect user submitted questions, multiple choice makes questions too easy or a 25% chance guess, and good quality questions are hard to find. We've decided to do our own Trivia Game right.

    QUESTIONS - are carefully researched so people really interested in the subjects will have fun knowing the answers.

    INPUT METHOD - We don't like multiple choice, but typing from scratch creates a lot of ambiguity and spelling problems. We strive for the perfect balance -- we give you hangman style slots and we give you 20 letters to spell it out.

    If you love basketball and NBA, and also enjoy games like Trivial Pursuit or Jeopardy, but want quality, non-multiple choice questions with a better input method, you will love this app!

    Free LITE VERSION has access to half the EASY and MEDIUM questions, and no HARD questions. Upgrade to FULL VERSION to access all questions. Upgrading will also remove all ads and increases Level Up Hints bonuses by x4.

    This app supports Google Play Games Services. Compete with your friends, earn achievements and climb to the top of the leaderboard!

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