Battle Pang




    Competitive game of 1:1 format that is based on the Greek mythology comes up!
    Become a great hero of Greek mythology , please challenge the gods of Greece !
    Play action full of tension and enjoy a puzzle " Battle pang!"

    You are ready to challenge hero 's , in Greek gods ?
    You will become a great hero to challenge the gods that threaten the human .

    I will overcome the crisis in a variety of items !
    To escape the crisis forthcoming in front of the item is required .

    Foster hero of your own !
    Enemy or too strong ? Please challenge by raising the ability of the hero !

    To Attack the enemy for solving the puzzle !
    Before the enemy attacks, make 3-match color block !


    One day , Apollo gathered gods.
    He spoke with Greek gods gathered and say with a serious look.
    Human beings in the near future , will ruin themselves to devastate the living things around .
    Zeus has decided to destroy a human being but he admitted that his work was failure .
    On the other hand , human beings are searching for the worriers who will save themselves from gods .

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