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    Published: 2015-08-20, by .

    A fun and innovative quiz game with an extra competitive edge

    • Innovative
    • Single and real-time multiplayer
    • Tutorial
    • 50 trophies and power-ups
    • 25,000+ questions over 19 categories
    • Design visually bland
    • Can't pick question categories

    "Quiz master? You betcha!"


    Betcha Mr.Moo is a new and innovative quiz game, with an interesting twist: not only do you have to earn your general knowledge stripes, but ALSO prove your prowess in betting stakes.

    It goes a little something like this: a match has 6 rounds, and you answer questions alternately. After each turn, you will get to see your opponent's question and the possible answer, then bet a certain amount based on whether or not you think they will answer it correctly or not. So the challenge here is two-fold: master the questions AND outwit your opponent, in order to gain more coins, more trophies, and more smugness.

    The design could be a little more slick, and a few little issues keep this game from being perfect. But Betcha Mr.Moo offers up a really interesting and original twist on the quiz game, in what is a very crowded market.


    The gameplay is fun, varied, and pretty exciting, and the multi-player options are great: you can search for friends, play random opponents, or go solo and have a warm-up game against the computer (where you can still earn yourself coins). The great thing is that, even if your opponent is not online, you can still get to play your turn without having to wait, though you can play in real-time if they are there.

    There is certainly a huge variety of questions (25,000 over 19 categories), which are generated at random. The betting element is particularly entertaining: as you get to playing with certain players on a regular basis, you get to know their strengths and weaknesses: and therefore, you'll know which way to bet and how much money to put where your mouth is. You can even see the possible answers they'll get, so you can work out how easy the question will be.

    There are lots of achievements to aim for: "Winner of the wager”, “Answer Master”, and “Dollar King” are all titles you must attain to get your hands on the 50 Mr.Moo-trophies at the end. Power-ups like Raisers and jokers also help to get you through the game faster and richer.

    In the 'My profile' section, you can customize your photo, catch up on your trophies and game stats, and connect with your Facebook account for full bragging rights. The app also gives you plenty of ways to invite friends to join you in the fun of the game (via Facebook, WhatsApp, SMS, and e-mail). In the premium version, you can take a nosey at your opponents' match stats, and also enjoy the benefit of no ads (though the ones in the free version are not so intrusive).

    Finally, a very detailed tutorial and glossary help explain everything you need to know about the game, inside out.


    There are a few little wrinkles to iron out to make the game truly great to play. Firstly, the design could be a little more original, and the font, particularly that of the questions, is quite small and tricky to read.

    It would also be great if you could choose the category of questions that you have to play (like in QuizUp, e.g), rather than having to go up against only random questions.

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    by Jayne , Appszoom

    Aug 20, 2015


    "This is a trivia game that trivia enthusiasts will definitely enjoy!" –

    Now it’s Triva-Time with casino feeling! Betcha Mr.Moo Quiz is the first entertaining and thrilling quiz where you can place a bet on your opponent and even answer tricky questions! On this in turn your opponent places a bet.

    An exciting question arises, that demands a pinch of human knowledge:
    Will your opponent answer the question correctly? Place your wager and be keen to see whether your tip was correct.

    Get as many points and dollars as possible and find yourself in the three rankings. Determine the game according to your rules and cash Coins

    • for being the Best oft the Week
    • for sharing your unlocked trophies on Facebook
    • for inviting your friends
    • for answering 50 questions correctly in the warm-up
    • for winning your game
    • at the great Bet-Challenge
    • at the Jackpot from the Slot Machine

    In 14 categories you find more than 25,000 questions, and new quiz-questions come constantly. Be curious what categories you’ll get from the Slot Machine and win the jackpot!

    • Quiz- and Bet-Duel with friends.
    • Random Player. Challenge one of the many player!
    • Warm-up Training. Get ready for future challenges.
    • Bet-Challenges with friends or random.

    • Play thrilling Bet-Challenges
    • 14 categories with over 25,000 trivia questions.
    • Casino-Feeling with the Slot Machine. It decides which categories will be played.
    • It’s not only playing a trivia game. Bet on your opponent!
    • No waiting! Finish your trivia game at any time.
    • Unlock incredible trophies.
    • 3 Ranking-List for you. In which are you completely on top?
    • Intelligent, personal statistics.*
    • Take a look at your present games.
    • Win Dollar, Answer-Points and Bet-Points.
    • The statistics of your opponent!*
    • Share your success on Facebook.

    • Use Raiser, Joker or a Wild Card.

    An addictive quiz with a guaranteed thrill! But enough betrayed. Convince yourself and play the QUIZ WITH A TWIST!

    Your Betcha Mr.Moo Quiz Team


    VOICES FROM THE MEDIA – "This is a trivia game that trivia enthusiasts will definitely enjoy."
    Review: – "A new and innovative quiz game, with an interesting twist: not only do you have to earn your general knowledge stripes, but ALSO prove your prowess in betting stakes."
    Review: – "Are you looking for most extraordinary quiz app where you can place a bet on your opponent? If yes then your search is over Wetten Mr.Moo an addictive quiz with 100 percent suspense."

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    *Only available in the premium edition ($2.99)
    ** In-app purchases

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