Beware the Drop Bears! (FREE)




    Inspired by Flappy Bird, but definitely NOT just another clone, lol... :-)

    Drop Bears are large and vicious carnivorous Australian marsupials that are related to koalas.They discreetly inhabit the treetops of the Aussie bush, attacking their unsuspecting prey by stealthily dropping onto them from above before tearing them to shreds with their razor sharp claws and teeth!

    Game Features:
    * Easy single-touch control - even your Mum could play it.
    * Fun, addictive and simple to play - though the word "frustrating" comes to mind, lol. ;-)
    * Genuine Aussie lingo - need I say more?
    * Retro-arcade style graphics - because the simple things in life are often the best.
    * 5 levels: Carrying joeys slows you down, additional baby dropbears falling from the treetops makes things "fun".
    * Aussie Made - whilst laying on my custom hammock/computer, out in peace and quiet of the Great Aussie Bush. :-)

    How to Play:
    * Tap anywhere on the screen to hop.
    * Tapping faster makes you hop faster.
    * Avoid being devoured by the Drop Bears!
    * Have fun!

    **Playing Flappy Bird reminded me of the simple old retro games of my era, way back in the 80's when I first started writing computer games for the likes of the Amiga and C64. That nostalgia prompted me out of retirement to once again start writing the types of games that we all loved back then, and obviously many still do! Beware the Drop Bears is a simple and fun little "experiment", my next games will have more depth and an even stronger retro feel. ~ Darryl :-)

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