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    Big City Life : Simulator's review

    Published: 2017-08-24, by .

    Get on your scooter, deliver pizzas, earn money, sleep, start all over again

    • Large intuitive buttons
    • Decent soundtrack
    • Plain 3D visuals
    • Boring storyline
    • Poor collision detection
    • Generic open world game

    "Simulate your life"


    It’s a big day today. Right after getting your official scooter license, you can now legally drive around town. Welcome to Big City Life. To get started, simply use the on-screen controls to move around the city and complete different missions, such as making pizza deliveries in under the allotted amount of time, staying at a hotel to get some rest, and more. Just as in real life, you’ll have to keep tabs on your health and energy meters. You’ll also have to make sure that you’re always in the best mood to earn even more cash.


    Designed for newcomers to the open world genre, you’ll find large intuitive buttons that are fairly easy to figure out along with a decent soundtrack.


    Besides the amount of ads that Big City Life will subject you to, you’ll also have to deal with very plain visuals, a boring storyline, poor collision detection, and overall, a generic open world game outdone by better and more complete games in the market.

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    Daniel Adrian Sanchez

    by Daniel Adrian Sanchez

    Aug 24, 2017


    From the creators of the multi-million game Clash of Crime Mad San Andreas and World of Derby

    It's time to conquer a larger city and show yourself in all its glory. To become famous, you will not be helped by weapons, shooting and leaving the police. Start your way with a simple worker and move up the career ladder. A huge number of tasks, missions, steep wheelbarrows in the game Big City Life: Simulator.

    Features of the game Big City Life: Simulator:
    - Colorful models of characters, vehicles and buildings
    - HD graphics
    - Optimization of control for touch screens
    - More opportunities for the open gaming world
    - The endless sea of ​​gameplay
    - Absolute freedom of action

    Features of the game process:
    - Create a character at your discretion
    - Dress the character in the latest fashion squeak
    - Go to the gym, swing your muscles
    - Follow the indicators of hunger and energy
    - Fulfill the desires and goals of the character
    - Get the rights and buy yourself a cool car, and better all
    - Became cool? Start buying property

    Brief description of the plot of the game:
    The young guy came to a larger city, where he was faced with problems of survival, as the larger city requires more opportunities and money. He works on different jobs, gets a new experience, changing work at work. With a pizza dispenser, garbage removal, he is mastering new, more complex, jobs. At this stage, everything just begins in his new life in a larger city. Although it's not San Andreas and Los Santos, but you do not have to get bored at all.

    We will regularly update Big City Life: Simulator, taking into account your suggestions. Do not forget to leave a review!
    This is a game in the style of the Grand Theft Auto series, like GTA San Andreas

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