Bike Racing 3D




    *** COOLEST NEW BIKE RACING 2014! ***

    Drive your bike to the redline across the race track and heat up the asphalt highway! Experience the thrill and speed of the hottest and fastest motor cycle game to hit the store!
    Cruise through the bends then engage turbo power to take on the straights! Your riding skills will be challenged as you enjoy the boosts on the road.

    * Breathe taking race track!
    * Realistic bike physics and handling!
    * Serious fun!

    # Tips & Tricks
    - Try to take sharp turns
    - Brake less
    - Better your bike handling skill
    - Block the direction of other bikes

    # Two Bike Racing Modes
    1. Quick Race: Nothing beats the thrill of beating a couple of bad ass fellas and be the undisputed bike racing champ on the highway. It is right here that you get to compete with 4 other expert CPU players and show the world your speed racing skills.
    3rd and 2nd places fetch you game money $500 and $1000 respectively. But if you rule the highway biker roost, you can walk away with a virtual sum of $2000. 4th and 5th places get you the tag of a L-O-S-E-R.
    Remember in the Quick Race mode, bike racing has only ONE lap. So, act quickly and don’t be afraid to take sharp turns. That’s how you can be a road warrior.

    2. Elimination Mode: Ready to put it all in one exhilarating bike racing adventure? You are at the highway to bike racing heaven. Now, the last biker gets eliminated in each round. Bike racing goes on for 5 rounds and the winner takes it all.

    If you are a motocross rider, you'll need to make a few adjustments to bike racing. The drift is less, although race track asphalt is more slippery. Also instead of dirt, the asphalt often freezes resulting in less drag than motocross racing. Finally there are no jumps so a harder suspension should level out the ride to be fast and speedy! Enjoy the ice, it's cold and hard!
    Your motorcycle is a GP turbo powered beast of a machine. Open up the motorbike throttle with care! We love motor sports as much as you do!

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