Blob Co-Op




    Blob Co-op is a 2d top-down action puzzle game about two blobs that were created by military scientists and now are being tested. Each level is a puzzle room where you need to cooperate with your partner in order to reach the end of the level. In order to make it harder scientists will place cannons, tanks and blobs who failed to be genetically modified (later known as "zombies") on your way to the exit.

    There are currently:
    - 20 handcrafted levels
    - 3 types of zombies, spikes and deadly blades, tanks, cannons, lasers, 2 bosses
    - painting devices that will change you blobs characteristics
    - puzzles that require cooperation between the two blobs

    The game will be updated and will have more features.

    You can play the game on your own or with your friend in multiplayer mode.

    NOTE: To fully enjoy multiplayer mode it is recommended to play on widescreen devices.

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