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    Published: 2014-09-30, by .

    Compete against other players around in the world in quick hit mental challenges

    • Go head-to-head against real players
    • Smiley communication system is hilarious
    • Attractive visual design
    • Keep track of your progress over time
    • Difficulty isn't adjustable
    • Puzzles are very simple

    "Gray Matter Battles"

    So you think you're smart, eh? Or are you just a real wiseacre? Prove your mental mettle with Brain Wars, which pits your up against other random players from around the world in real time brain battles.

    You'll be served with one of many simple puzzles, ranging from basic mental math to matching shapes to memory games. Do it as accurately as you can as quickly as you can to rack up the points. Do it faster and better than your opponent to win the round and level up. See how you rank globally, and gloat (or weep).

    The UI is really pleasing, and the visual design is great. It's an easy app to use and like. However, I wish there were a way to engage in more complex puzzles, because I'm a durn smartypants myself and get bored quickly with match-the-shape "challenges."

    One awesome, awesome, awesome feature: you can't chat with other players, but you CAN send them rampant smileys. It somehow does feel like communication, on an ironically dumb and funny level.

    Brain Wars is free, so you might as well check it out if these kind of puzzles appeal to your sense of intelligence.

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    by Janel , Appszoom

    Sep 30, 2014


    The World's First Real-Time Concentration Battling App!

    Increase your brain power and compete against players from around the world!
    Experience the heated battle that will keep you on your toes!
    Highly rated by players who enjoy Puzzles Crosswords, Sudoku, and other brain teasers!

    The Rules
    ・Outscore your opponents with simple brain teasers!
    ・Defeat them and climb the worldwide rankings!
    ・Challenge your friends with real-time matches!
    ・Increase your Brain Power through continuous challenges!

    Real-Time Battle Experience
    Compete with worldwide challengers―LIVE! Test your opponents and push your brain to its limit!

    Play With Friends!
    Invite your friends for double the fun! Connect through FaceBook and challenge everyone!

    Strive For World-class Rankings
    The stage is the world―Play against players from around the globe and place on the worldwide ranking!

    Simple & Intuitive Brain Training!
    Easy to understand mental training rules and concepts suitable for all ages!

    The key to matches?
    Brain Teasers don't contain certain subjects or languages! Train your brain and easily adapt through repetition!

    New and Updates
    ・Official FaceBook Page
    ・Official Twitter

    BrainWars is a mental concentration battle game for players from around the world. Players of all ages can participate in this through simple brain teasers and compete with each other. Brain Teasers do not require special knowledge so everyone can improve their brain function through repetition and adaptation.

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