Bubble Shooter Beach Balls




    Bubble Shooter Beach Balls is an addictive, entertaining and fun Android game. Play it NOW for FREE! :)

    With physics effects and ambient music Bubble Shooter Beach Balls is the most original bubble shooter game for Android and it's based on the classic Frozen Bubble and Bubble Shoot games..

    Make combinations of 3 or more balls to make them burst. Clear all the balls to level up.

    It is one of the newest shooting bubble buster games, approaching an older idea with a fresh, colourful and new design.

    Bubble Shooter Beach Balls has more than 10,000 unique challenging levels. Nearly unlimited time to play with the beach balls. You'll never get bored! :)

    Game features:
    Puzzle Mode - more than 10,000 levels of fun with bubbles
    Player vs. CPU - play against a virtual opponent
    Colorful graphics with enhanced details
    8 different colored beach balls
    8 color blind beach balls
    Full customization

    There are 3 modes of aiming the bubble launcher:
    Aim Then Shoot - touch and swipe the screen to the left or right of the launcher, or press the left or right directional pad buttons to aim the launcher.
    Point To Shoot - touch the screen in the play area to simultaneously aim the launcher and fire the bubble towards the location you touched.
    Rotate Then Shoot - rotate your device to aim the launcher.

    To fire the bubble, touch the play area, or press the up or center keys on the directional pad, or just rotate the device.

    This game is compatible with almost every Android device like smart phones, 7" tablets and 10" tablets.

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    Enjoy it!


    Main source code is based on:
    - Frozen Bubble for Android open source code (GNU GPL v2):
    - Appirater for Android (MIT/X11):

    Proudly made in Canada by 1615 Media Design.

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