Bullet Train Black Ops Sniper




    Help! It’s a hostile situation a terrorist group attacks on the railway station, they are killing and taking innocent civilians as hostage. Dare to play Bullet Train Black Ops Sniper action base 3D simulator game save injured fellows to become hero.

    Use submachine gun or assault rifles to kill enemies, use your infantry training skill and ambush the terrorist troopers with your stealth and commander training. Bullet Train Black Ops Sniper will blow your mind away with superb animation and action packed game play. Aim through gun scope take deep breath and shoot for perfect kill shots. Surprise enemies with stealth and deadly attack you can take down all enemy squad with deadshot. Avoid civilian casualty, ambush enemy with your commando strike. You are trained lone commando from military school and known as specialist for hostile situations. Dare to play as lone frontline sniper and kill enemy squad with deadly marine strike.

    Bullet Train Black Ops Sniper is amazing modern FPS shooter game for those who love to be part of realistic action packed games. Peoples are taken hostage in locomotive engine station, the authorities gave you contract to kill all enemies. Aim for headshots so you can use limited ammo. Face 10 challenging survival shooting missions with superb action and thrill. 4 types of weapons are in your armory. Select your favorite sub machine gun, sniper and other assault rifles for gunshots. Eliminate all possible targets and save the day with your expert kill shots. Download this new stunning battalion game for free from android market for your android tablet and smartphone.

    Amazing Features:

    5 deadly army weapons for this awesome FPS shooter game
    Face 10 breathtaking ambush mission to kill all terrorists
    Amazing touch and tap graphics for smooth firing and expert gaming experience for shooter
    Weapons zoom in zoom out with sniper scope
    Beautiful subway station environment with bullet train cars and innocent civilians
    Action base background music with real gunshot, bullet, reload and killing sounds

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