Bumper Cars Driving Fun : Superhero Challenge 2018




    Hit, crash and smash the enemy’s bumper cars!
    Show your guts to drive dodging cars in town as a real superhero!
    Bumper Cars Driving Fun : Superhero Challenge 2018 is the game based on the idea where you must abolish the rival’s bumper cars with your dodging cars. Superheroes are always known as care takers of the city, they rescue the innocent lives from rivals that create destruction. Let’s go superhero and drive bumper cars in the city. But it’s time to have fun in the city by driving bumper cars to get realistic experience of furious racing. Crash the rival’s cars to save the city from evil hands. The bumper cars of enemies are creating destruction, they want to invade the city by showing their crashing stunts. They challenged you that if you have guts to drive superhero bumper cars to beat them, you have to prove you crashing and realistic dodging demolition skills in the town to defeat them with great strike. You might have played real crazy shooting and racing games but this Bumper Cars Driving Fun : Superhero Challenge 2018 based on the unique idea that is fulfilled with lot of action and fun.
    Embark on a flight to crash cars in furious driving style. Crash and smash the rivalry to become last dodge car diver in the grand combat race battle. Get the experience to drive your favorite dodging car for riding adventure in these superhero bumper car games. I bet you have never played such bumper crash car game ever before, this Bumper Cars Driving Fun : Superhero Challenge 2018 has realistic unique challenges of thrill and fun, explore the world of amazing bumper race in these derby games. Firstly you will select your superhero character that can crash/destroy cars of rivals, create massively destruction towards furious enemy bumper cars so that they don’t keep an evil eye on your dear city. Enjoy multiple modes as a pro racer to show ultimate speed on crazy tracks.
    Arena Mode
    In this crazy fun mode, you have to prove your car crashing and smashing skills. Go in the city with full action, find your rival bumper cars and crash them with ultimate speed and power. Show your furious attitude so that you can always be called as a superhero car racer in this great modern city. Dodging cars are always fun to drive, the realistic and responsive controls will blow your mind and increase your urge to destroy cars in this bumper crash car game of 2018 with an excellent 3D simulator. Get the championship trophy at the end of each thrilling mission.
    Soccer mode
    Have you ever heard of playing soccer with bumper cars driving?
    I don’t think you have heard of it ever before, this unique feature is only integrated in Bumper Cars Driving Fun : Superhero Challenge 2018, you as a superhero car racer can play soccer in the soccer ground of this city, your superhero car is extremely talented to beat the furious racers in this sports. Accept this unique challenge in this derby games and become the superhero of this championship. Show your incredible performance to entertain the spectators. Show your dodging cars driving skills and play soccer as an expert rider of this demolition mania of 2018. This would be the real crazy fun for you my superhero!
    Racing mode
    Race on the crazy tracks to have some fun!
    Beat your enemy cars by showing ultimate speed on the racing tracks in this city course area as a superhero jumper. This amazing bumper race has many features, collect coins while having race with other dodging cars in these superhero bumper car games. Be a furious expert driver in these dodging car games of 3D simulator. Prove yourself as a pro racer of bumper vehicles. Be a dodging cars racer expert by installing this Bumper Cars Driving Fun : Superhero Challenge 2018 game!
    *Key features*
    Wide variety of dodging bumper cars
    Hit all your rival bumper cars and knock them out
    Unlock next dodging cars on the basis of rewards
    Amazing bumper race of bumper cars
    Soccer playing with superhero cars
    Stunning 3D graphics and best audio effects

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