Bursting Ball




    Help Bursting Ball get through the pipes at the beach. It's hot and he is about to burst.

    An infinity number of pipes come and goes. Bursting Ball fight to get of the beach.

    This game challenge your patience and skills with your fingertips, as the pipes are clever and doesn't always stay at the same place at all time.

    The developer do insist that the player (you) doesn't let his frustration take overload. Take a frequent break now and then and get some fresh air. The developer takes no responsibility of whatever action of what the players frustration might get into.

    Using the "Back Button" will close the game.

    Permissions.Internet is caused by Ads in game. Should be close to the top.

    Devices that are on the low end of the scale, will still support the game, but the graphics, especially the text, will not appear as it should

    Please send bugs reports and suggestions to

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