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    Bus Simulator 2015 New York's review

    Published: 2016-06-17, by .

    A fun bus simulator with real traffic and bus fares

    • Good graphics
    • Expansive environments
    • Large maps
    • Poor controls
    • Pay-to-play

    "Be A Public Transit Master"


    Are you ready for Bus Simulator 2015 New York? In this bus simulation game, you must pick up your fares and drive them around the city. Interact with traffic and view your game simulator bus from all camera angles. From route planners to a huge map, there's some driving to be had.


    Bus Simulator 2015 New York has decent - if not outstanding - graphics and a reasonable sound profile. Being able to make your way around the expansive environment as you handle your job duties is a nice touch.


    The tilt controls on Bus Simulator 2015 New York are a bit wonky, as the bus goes flying off in a different direction. You also have to spend real money to buy any additional buses.

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    by William

    Jun 17, 2016


    Choose between 12 different buses, pick up passengers along the routes and configure your bus to make this driving simulator very realistic. Improve your skills and challenge yourself driving in more then 360 routes with more than a thousand stops and stations combinations in those routes! Featuring the best driving simulator for mobile devices, Bus Simulator 2015 is the perfect driving experience of driving realistic buses in a real city. Drive the most famous buses of public transportation in our high detailed simulation.

    • 12 buses.
    • Categories: travel and urban buses, special sportive paintings and one full articulated bus!
    • Outside cameras and also a totally functional interior to each vehicle.
    • 360 routes in the travel planner.
    • Realistic traffic
    • Street lights, cars driving on city streets and pedestrians.
    • Bus stops, stations, travel schedules and stops during the journey.
    • People to get in and get out of the bus in the stops.
    • Time and weather conditions.
    • Huge map, hundreds of miles to drive thought.

    If you played our other simulations you know how committed are to this product, and to make it as perfect as we can, so you can experience a real driving simulation, compatible with as many devices as possible, in a high performance and detailed simulation. Please, contact us to give your feedback! (

    Detailed informations:
    • Urban
    • Travel
    • Sports
    • Articulated

    • MCI 102EL3
    • TravelBus 2915 GX
    • Novabus LFS Articulated
    • VolksBus 5.150 OD
    • Euro Urban Merc UT-S
    • Type-C SchoolBus
    • MarcoPolo DC 1.140
    • NYC Daimler Orion VII NG
    • VW 19.320 EOT Clubs Brazil
    • VW 19.320 EOT Basketball transportation
    • VW 19.320 EOT Football
    • VW 19.320 EOT Euro 2016

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