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    Avoid the birds and collection bonuses, keep your bee safe for as long as you can in this simple and addictive game of reactions and hand eye coordination. Hold the screen to flap your wings upward and tilt the device to control your motion left and right!

    Busy Bee has two game modes, in Arcade you must avoid the birds as they appear randomly and chase you around the screen while also collecting two different types of bonuses. Firstly Slow Motion will temporarily slow down the birds around you giving more time to reaction, and Shrink will make your Bee a fraction of the size making it easier to squeeze through the tight gaps you'll need to stay alive.

    In Hardcore mode there are no bonuses, but the birds are no longer random, they follow the exact same path, the key to mastering this game type is to memorize as many of the patterns that appear on the screen as possible to keep your Bee alive as long as possible.

    Busy Bee will also record your highest score, compete with your friends, and share your highest scores on Facebook.

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