Buttons Freak




    Buttons Freak – for every amateur of virtual puzzles!
    Sometimes an amazing simple work is the best way to relax your brain and while away the time. Who of us don`t like to spend his free time while playing computer games? And if they are not only keen, but also useful for your brain? This mind game will help you to while and relax. You will soak yourself in this new match game of colored figures Buttons Freak!
    Would you like to check if you are fast enough? Prepare yourself for something new! If you are fond of logical games of classical genre, this one is for you! Use this chance to improve your logical skills! Train your brain while working over the absorbing puzzles. You will perfect your power of observation and memory. We present you a new fascinating game of virtual puzzles Buttons Freak.
    This arcade puzzle game will attract your attention in any case and raise your mood – you are going to forget all your real problems and plunge into the virtual world of logic and colors! The game has a range of advantages:
    *It is very interesting and at the same time it is easy to use. You don`t need to work out any tactics or rack your brains over the game for a long time.
    *First of all, Buttons Freak offers to check your quickness and reaction.
    *This game gives you a chance to check your attentiveness and quickness of wit.
    Your task is as follows. The game Buttons Freak consists of three fields: 2x2, 4x4 and 8x8 figures. Your work is to find and match the pics of the same color on the board of coloured figures. Match and delete them with one touch. After matching these pics will disappear and give you additional points. You have to find the figures of the same color during the shortest time. Try to pass every level as quickly as you can or you can be late – the time is limited and goes not in your favour. This limited time for passing through levels will prove your nerves.
    Use your chance and show your keenness of wit to pass through the chain of some levels. In this gripping game you are to keep up with both thinking and time. The more pics you find, the more points you get. There are many different levels - that is why Buttons Freak is meant for the wide range of this genre`s amateurs. So, you always can choose any level you like. But don`t forget – every new level is more difficult than the previous one, so your task will get complicated gradually. And remember – points depend on the speed of you thinking.
    Excellent graphic arts and entertaining gameplay will help you to spend your time with a keen interest. The game has simple and compact interface, it will amaze you with it`s ease and fascination.
    Don`t miss your chance and achieve the victory in this wonderful virtual match game of pics Buttons Freak! You won`t be able to to resist the possibility of being the first among your friends. Compete with your friends while working over the solving of puzzles! Be ready to show all your skills! Train your brain! Improve your record every time you play! We wish you good luck and quick thinking. Download Buttons Freak for your Android right now and enjoy the playing process. Become the master of puzzles! We root for you!