Calculus - Math Space War

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    Calculus - Math Space War

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    About the Game:

    In this game you play as a space ship and you have to fight other space ships that try to attack and destroy you. But it isn't a normal shooter and you have to use your brain to destroy them! Some bubbles will appear on the screen which include some numbers. There are also some simple mathematics equations on bottom of screen and their answers can be found among the bubbles. You have to choose the answer of each one of these equations from the numbers floating on the screen.

    You can choose the answers in any order that you like. But if your chosen number isn't the answer of any current given equations, then you will lose some health. Different equations have different offensive and defensive effects and each one will somehow help you in defeating your enemies and advancing through levels. Remember that you have to be fast because your enemies will also try to shoot you down!

    Advanced Tips: You can also drag some answers together and then release them to make a combo. There are also some achievements that can be unlocked by reaching certain scores and will upgrade your space ship and make it stronger.

    This game's goal is to teach mathematics to children and combining teaching and game together has made it very interesting for them.

    How to Play:

    You must choose the answers of given equations by clicking on them or touching them.