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    Published: 2014-04-07, by Peter Warrior.

    Official Cap America beat'em-up game

    • Graphic and design is original
    • Original storyline
    • Additional features
    • Although it's the Cap's game, it'd be lovely to play as Natasha or any other Marvel character (they make appeareance though)
    • Additional minigames would have been welcomed

    "I'm not much for metaphors"

    As soon as we know that Gameloft was going to make the Cap tie-in game for mobile, and that it wasn't (fortunately) going to be either a CCG or any slot machine of sorts, we looked forward for this game. It's an action game, somewhere halfway tactical and action, with some management stuff between stages, namely build buildings to get more characters and skills.

    Every stage has a main mission (usually reach to the goal) and three side requirements to get the three star rating. for example, don't use medikits, this or that power, or get to the end with more than a certain amount of health points.

    Graphics are cartoon like, somehow reminding of Marvel 80s. Animations are good, and gameplay is fun mainly because there are different ways to take on enemies: you can clobber and beat, or look for something more sophisticated and stun them with your shield while your sniper SHIELD sidekick shoots him down. A story unfolds as you play through the stages and new characters are unlocked.

    This game also brings a way of freemium-ness unheard in Gameloft. Instead of free plus in-app purchases, the free version allows you to play only the first two stages, enough to know how it goes on and make you Hulk-green in envy. Then you can unlock the complete game for $3. Unlocking the complete game doesn't get you rid of additional in-app purchases to acquire equipment and so, but they all seem unnecessary unless you want to beat the game in a single evening.

    Lastly, for replayability's sake, there are online asynchronous options, weekly events and a few surprises here and there.

    Recommended. It could have been released as a premium game, but we are given the chance to give it a go beforehand. Tactical gamers will find it appropriately mid-core, and casual players will find out a challenging yet not too demanding action game.

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    Peter Appszoom logo

    by Peter , Appszoom

    Apr 07, 2014


    Play as Captain America and lead your S.H.I.E.L.D. Strike Team as they struggle to contain a massive attack on the World by several nefarious crime organizations. Stop the attacks and then take the battle to your enemies.

    Captain America must use all his tactical skill as he commands his Strike Team to combat threats on every front. Grow your agents into a potent fighting force and when the odds are against you call in Black Widow and Falcon to help turn the tide.

    Expose the villains behind these brazen attacks, unravel their plans and discover how the Winter Solider fits into the scheme.

    Captain America: The Winter Soldier requires an Internet connection.

    > Lead your Strike Team of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents
    > Battle your way through various enemy types using force or guile
    > Make clever use of your indestructible shield and skills as a Super Soldier and an Avenger
    > Call on an Avenger for support

    > An absorbing original action story co-written by Marvel Comics writer Christos Gage
    > Engage iconic Marvel villains like King Cobra, Taskmaster, Puff Adder Winter Soldier and more.
    > Game art and graphics inspired directly by the comics

    > Asynchronous multiplayer : Join a Clan and battle rival players!
    > Climb the league leaderboards of the game
    > Earn cool rewards in Limited-Time Events

    > Enhance your agents and weapons for optimal performance in action
    > Learn new fighting techniques to super charge Cap’s attacks
    > Unlock and upgrade Captain America’s suits
    > Research skills and items that help you advance faster in the game


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