Car War Racing 3D : Smash Cars




    Hello Everyone,
    Have you ever enjoyed racing game and war game at the same time? if NOT then you are at the right place.

    Death Race lovers... We got a gift for you!!!

    It is Race, It is War, It is real racing with limitless use of weapons.
    Hit the road while firing at your enemy, reach the destination before them and if they come in your way, you have a Rocket Launcher as well. Show your guts, burn up some tyres and Win the race with hot wheels of your vehicle and beat your enemy. You need to be careful while driving as your competitive racers may attack on you. Now you have a Speed Car provided with different weapons.

    Enjoy real world racing in real city environment.

    You can do many things to defeat your opponents:
    1. Head Up and Mess up with your racing rivals and blast them up with rocket launcher
    2. Fire up some bullets from the gun to decrease the health of your opponents
    3. Freeze your enemy's vehicle to make their speed slower
    4. turn your turbo ON and GO blazingly fast letting others behind

    You can do many things to defend yourself

    1. You can drift
    2. You can take a protection Shield
    3. Repair your vehicle during Race
    4. Use Nitro and leave everyone behind
    5. Find Gun Bullets or ammos
    6. Free Rockets

    Race on the roads of Beautiful City where there is no one who can defeat you.
    So are you ready for a real stunt-racing experience?
    Best of Luck.

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