Celestine Mars explorer




    mission: Celestine space jet Explorer expedition sent to Mars to investigate abnormal structure activity .
    expedition has made a historical discovery , a complete habitable world underground with its own fauna and flora on the new planet ,
    while Celestine space jet was excavating the location, the explorer expedition got attacked by an alien jet with a lightyear tech ahead of humans beings, the crew members are all dead, except our astronaut Frank, who fled the burning spaceship using his jetpack, he is safe now but waiting for rescue to save him.
    mission is to use the jetpack to buzz and fly Frank back safe to the mother space probe station while dodging lasers, zappers, and alien lightyear tech ahead obstacles.

    *24 levels , 3 different mars worlds.
    * face alien bosses at the end of every world and try to defeat the lightyear ahead advanced alien tech.
    * Fly the coolest and fastest jetpack and be a professional astronaut explorer.
    * dodge and buzz through the floating islands, asteroids and enemy traps such as lasers, zappers, and alien jet Projectiles .
    * Explorer mission of a dense and diverse mars forest fauna and flora and gather intelligence on the advanced lightyear ahead alien tech .
    * pick a more highly ranked jetpack from the store to buzz and reach high speed quickly.
    * Playing "Celestine Mars explorer " feels like flying a real life jetpack , you can fly left and right up and down boost and hover and brake , all this using simple control , either virtual joystick or tilt , the choice is yours.
    * lets all see if you got a buzz of survival and challenge within you .

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