Chicken's Revenge




    In the beginning was the egg - and then - the rabbit stole it...

    Once upon a time there was this peaceloving, polite chicken next-door, hopping around and laying eggs.
    On the other side: the barefaced, naughty easter-rabbit, comming out of hibernation too late, and now urgently needs eggs!

    Help the funny rabbit to fulfill his needs - but beware - the lovely yellow bird turns into a bloodthirsty beast rather quickly.
    You should also take care of the angry flying chickens on their first attempts to fly - they don't like you to get in their ways.

    So grab the egg and RUUUUN to bring it home safely!

    Find out if you're "King of egg-theft" and share your score on public and private leaderboards (optional).

    • Tip on the left side -> run to the left
    • Tip on the right side -> run to the right
    • Hold on both sides -> jump

    • You get scored for every egg you've stolen the angry chicken.
    • The more angry you've made the chicken, the higher the score

    Chicken's Revenge is a new funny and free game for kids, developed after years of behavioural research of rabbits and chickens!
    Neither rabbits nor chickens were harmed during game-development.

    Don't be chicken-hearted and have fun stealing angry chicken's eggs! (Not only fun at Easter!)
    Jump and run par excellence

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