Chinese Number Drill




    Chinese Number Drill helps you to learn the Chinese numbers from 1 to 10. There are 3 levels of difficulty and a learning mode. First learn the numbers with the learning mode then progress through the 3 levels of difficulty.

    The "Easy Quiz" calls out numbers and prints both the character and the Pinyin. You can then press the key for the corresponding Arabic number. The application tells you if you got it right or not.

    The "Medium Quiz" calls out a number and displays only the Simplified Chinese character for it. You can then press the corresponding Arabic number and after 20 questions you will get a score and it will tell you your average time in milliseconds for responding to the question. The high score is saved so you can try to beat your previous best.

    The "Hard Quiz" increases the difficulty a lot. 4 numbers are read out with no characters displayed to help you. You can replay the sounds but you must enter the characters you guess using the Simplified Chinese characters. To make this even harder the characters are not displayed in order and are shuffled after every guess.

    Through the increasing difficulties people learning the numbers can become as familiar with them as with their own mother tongue. The game encourages fast learning by rote so that you can instantly recognise the symbol and pronunciation of the number in Chinese Mandarin.