City Subway Train Driver Simulator




    Don’t waste your important time in searching other train simulator games. Pocket mobile studio presents you one of the best train simulator games of 2017. This train game is designed for unlimited fun with realistic graphics and smooth controls. Start the train engine and drive on different curvy railway routes. Drive different euro trains like metro train, bullet train and cargo train as professional train driver. Enjoy the train mania in this super-fast train racing simulator game. If you have dream to become a train engine driver this game provides a chance to do that. After playing this game you actually know how to drive train on railway track and stops on platforms.

    Get yourself ready, drive the train on different railway tracks transport passenger and cargo. Stop the train on different platforms and follow the railway rules. Slow down the train speed on railway crossing according to instructions that are mentions on every track. Stop the train on red light and blow horn on road crossing. If you don’t follow the rules your score decrease and your game level will be failed. Stop the train on platform, pick up passengers and drop them at their desired railway station. Be a professional engine driver. Enjoy the thrill of driving in this super train game on railway route.

    Pick up the passengers and tourists from different platform and drop them at their railway station by following the guidelines. This train also used as cargo train for tourist because it also caring their luggage. Multi types of locomotives electric engine, steam engine and diesel engine in this game for ultimate fun. Different task assigned to you those are not much easy. You have to use your professional train driving skill to complete these tasks in given time.

    Use trains accelerator to accelerate the train when required, steer across junctions and apply hydraulic brakes. Drive the train across realistic and natural sceneries. Go for picking up passengers while performing your train driving duty with full responsibility. It is very helpful for getting good score and increases your score coins. It is a great fun game that engaged kids, teenagers and adults many hours.

    How to Play?
    Swipe up the slider for accelerating the train
    Tap on left and right arrows to take turns across the railway junctions
    Tap on horn button when crossing the road it’s helping to improve the score
    Follow the railway line signals and speed boards to get good score
    When train reached on platforms tap on stop button to stop the train

    Features of City Subway Train Driver Simulator
    Adventures multiple challenging levels
    Smooth simulation controls
    HD graphics and 3d animations
    Beautiful city and country side environment
    Offline gameplay

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