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    'CITY TRUMPS PRO' is another great game from 'Popuppets' and is available on the App Stores!

    In this game you try to trump and so capture your opponent's capital cities with superior facts about your own cities.
    You get to see your cities and select the fact you want to try and trump your opponent with.
    The trick is to gain control of the game by winning a go and then you can keep selecting the facts.
    Your opponent is hoping you select the wrong fact so they can steal control back from you.
    The ultimate winner of the game will have captured all the capitals from their opponent.

    FIND ON:
    The Google Play App Store.
    The Apple App Store.
    The Windows Phone Store.

    'CITY TRUMPS PRO' is free and the fully featured game.

    * Play the two player game against a friend.
    * Play the short game against the Mobile Device with 20 capitals to capture.
    * Play the long game with all 48 capitals to capture.
    * Games are saved so you can continue or replay games.
    * View player win statistics for you and your opponents.

    The game is challenging and some city facts are quite surprising!
    You will be happy to know you can play the game anywhere because no outside connections are needed
    and also nothing personal is accessed on your device.

    Want to contact us then email:
    We also have a FAQ page on

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