Classic 2048




    2048 Puzzle is logic based game. The purpose of this game is to gather as many points as you can. Slide finger up, down, right or left to move numbers into appropriate direction. After moving if there are two placed around numbers in
    column or row they will be summarized and new number will appear instead of two previous numbers. The more new number is, the more points you gain.Try to get number in some cell as high as it is possible.The game is over, when there is no way for numbers to move and they wont be summarized in any case.

    1) Original design.
    2 )This application weights a little. It`s only 6 MB of memory.
    3) Simple animation.
    4 )Nice soundtrack.

    This game will help you to impove your memory and attentiveness. In any case it is good time killer.

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