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    Coastal Defense Arcade Shooter

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    Coastal defense is an extraordinary arcade shooter. A game of quick decisions and fast fingers! Protect your coast from relentless enemies using an arsenal of weapons even Chuck Norris would envy.

    It's you versus them. Can you make it? The enemy will keep on coming in more advanced vessels, trying to conquer your coast, employing different strategies: many ships at once, ships with varied speeds and zig-zagging movement, battle-hardened destroyers, nuclear submarines, and biggest of them all - aircraft-carriers! They're gonna throw everything at you in order to get you.

    And you're the only thing standing between them and your coastline.

    But you're not unprepared. You've been training for this all your life, and you're just about to throw them a surprise party. Besides your default artillery cannon, you get to choose between 6 different weapons: machine gun, flamethrower, laser, homing missile launcher, cluster bombs and torpedoes! You can make a lot of damage! Each weapon has different range, speed and maneuverability, and you can use them to your advantage for maximum effect. And as a last resort, there's the shield to protect your base from direct hits. But don't rely just on the shields; you know that offense is the best defense ;)

    Coastal defense features great sound effects, mission goals that bring rewards and repair kits scattered throughout the game. Every sunken ship earns you coins, which you can use to replenish your weapons and shields, if only to survive one more wave!


    - Adrenaline-pumping epic naval battle.
    - Shoot the enemy ships with your default heavy artillery cannon with unlimited ammo
    - Anticipate the trajectory of enemy navy vessels and place your target to score a perfect shot
    - Multiple special weapons: heavy artillery machine gun, flamethrower, laser, homing rockets launcher, cluster bombs and torpedoes (with limited ammunition)
    - Powerful shields using force field technology to protect you from direct hits and crashes
    - Multiple enemies and enemy strategies, culminating in boss fights with aircraft-carrier!
    - Beware the battleship destroyer vessels and their cannon bullets crashing at your coast.
    - Catch the right moment when the enemy submarine emerges to blast it into oblivion before it launches torpedoes your way.
    - Cinematic sound effects
    - HD graphics and special effects. You’ll enjoy blasts, explosions, laser zapping and flamethrower bursting.
    - If you are an incredible sharp shooter you will be able to complete 40 missions and unlock the multiplayer 2 player mode (This is a two player offline versus mode to play with a friend on the same device)
    - 2 Player mode can also be purchased in-game.
    - This Arcade Action Shooter is a game inspired by the famous old-school Missile Command. If you’ve played Missile Command in the “olden days”, you’ll love Coastal Defense.
    - By unlocking more weapons, like the Machine Gun, the game plays as a classic top-down Shoot 'em up (shmup), but instead of being a "bullet hell", it’s a naval-battleship-hell.
    - Highly extraordinary Missile Command-esque shooter that will offer an exciting experience for hardcore gamers while being incredibly fun to new casual gamers as well!

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