Color Quartets




    Color Quartets is all about matching the colors! A "quartet" is a block with 4 colors on each side. The goal is to place matching-color sides of the quartets next to each other as much as possible. The larger the matching-color regions, the higher the score! If there's no matching-color side for the incoming quartet, that's an illegal move and you lose the point for that quartet. You'll be scored based on the percentage of the number of matching-color sides plus the number of completed full rows of quartets to the total number of quartets in each level. Just like the IQ, a score of 100% means you're average, 200+% means you're a genius! You can move the incoming quartet to the left or right by simply tapping on the green arrows. You can also rotate the colors in the incoming quartet using the buttons at the bottom.

    Happy playing!

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