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    Color Swap is a challenging yet fun puzzle game.

    Tap the tiles to change their color and create groups of tiles that get removed from the board. The more tiles you remove at one time, the higher your score. Don't let the tiles reach the top or it's game over. Color Swap may seem simple at first, but it requires a refined strategy in order to rack up a high score.



    * Gameplay *

    • Simple to learn, but challenging to master and achieve high scores.
    • Uses the color flood game mechanic to clear the board in an endless tile puzzle game.
    • Color Swap tracks multiple stats so you can compare your latest game to your best game.
    • Casual game great for both kids and adults, yet challenging enough to keep even experienced puzzlers engaged.

    * Visuals *

    • Multiple appealing color pallets and themes so you can customize Color Swap to your liking.
    • Add patterns to the tiles for even greater contrast.
    • Optimized for Android phones and tablets.

    * Social *

    • Crush your friend's high scores and game stats on the Google Play leaderboards.
    • Change your Google Play settings to public to compete on the world leaderboards.
    • Earn many in game achievements.

    * Learn *

    • Clear and easy to understand tutorial will teach the basics.
    • Finding the best strategy to achieve a high score is up to you.

    * Ad supported *

    • No In-App purchases ever.
    • No hidden game modes to unlock.
    • Play for free with unobtrusive ads.


    * Color Swap Rules *

    • Tap a tile to change its color.
    • Tap a group of tiles that are all the same color to change the color of the whole group.
    • Tap an empty spot on the board to add a tile at that spot.
    • After three taps, a new row of tiles will be added at the bottom of the board.
    • Swap colors to change what color is up next.
    • Create a group that touches both sides of the board to remove that group and score points.


    * Color Swap Tips *

    • The key to high scores is high multipliers.
    • The key to high multipliers is large groups.
    • Try to keep the top of the board level in order to get the largest groups.

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