Missile Diplomacy

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    Play with your missiles and strategy to take control of other nations! It is the best real-time missile war simulation that can demonstrate your diplomacy skill.

     The upgraded version of "Missile war simulator" which ranked Top 6 in paid apps!

      Features of the game
    The highest degree of freedom
    120 countries available
    Mergence, colonization, puppet state, or destruction
    Assembly and production of missile parts
    Developing countries based on desired technology
    Nuclear war
    Strategies through investments
    Strategies through military alliance and treaties
    international aid, etc.
    Customizing country names and flags
    Various graphics options

      Game description
    The goal of the game is to making your country the best in the world. Each country has a "Country Stability" point. If you attack your enemy and set its 'National Stability' to 0 (zero), you can take over.
     As there is a factor 'friendship' between countries, maintaining good relations with other countries is also one of the possible strategies.
     If the player's country's 'National Stability' goes to 0 (zero), or if the debt reaches the excessive level of defense budget expenditures, player will lose the game.

    The important play factors
     - MD Missile: This is a defense missile intercepting a normal missile.
     - Science Level : It is a value indicating the level of development of science in the country.
     - Tech points: Points that you use to improve your technologies.
     - Satellite: It can check the number of missiles that the enemies possess and it also reduce damage from natural disasters.
     - Tax: It will increase the available defense budget, but if the tax is too high, the economic growth rate is adversely affected.
     - Defense budget: It is part of the national budget. It is mainly used in production of missiles.
     - Overseas Territories: Territories occupied by the player's country. You can use the "Change Attack Base" button to install missiles in the occupied regions.

    - For how to play, please refer to the in-game tutorial. (For beginners, we strongly encourage you to do the tutorials.)
    - The game interface needs to be restarted when changing game language.
    - If a noticeable frame drop appears, disable the unnecessary effects in the graphic settings.
     - If you find any bugs(mistranslations) while playing the game, or if you have any suggestions, please contact us :

    Galaxy S7 or higher
    (You may need to adjust the graphics options even for devices above.)

    Lowest specification
    Galaxy S6 or models released after June 2015
    (It is not possible to guarantee smooth play on devices with performance below the minimum specification. Please check the performance of your device before purchasing.)

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