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    WARNING: In this version we have added (although not yet activated, because it contains errors) the LAN mode. That is why a new permission is requested: record audio. Both the LAN and the ONLINE modes will have a voice chat channel. That is the only use that will be given to this new permission that is requested.

    English Discord Invitation:

    Who has not spent a good afternoon (or evenings) playing with friends at the table football / foosball?

    We love to play from time to time and we missed a good foosball game/simulator for both mobile devices and computers. The few many titles out there ara, being generous, not acceptable. So, from Breynart Studios we have decided to remedy this and have created the best foosball game that exists.

    Different game modes:

    - Friendly P1vsCPU
    - Friendly P1&P2vsCPU
    - Friendly P1vsP2
    - Friendly P1&P2vsP3&P4
    - Tournament (Finally! Yeah!)

    Up to four simultaneous players in a single device. Guaranteed fun!

    And if the touch control for a game of this type does not go with you, connect a gamepad (USB or Bluetooth) and enjoy the game! When playing with gamepad, to pass or kick, use the triggers (L1 or R1).

    Keep in mind that the game is currently under development, which means that functions, content and improvements are being added little by little (we are currently working on the ONLINE mode).

    The game is fully translated to English (the videos also).

    3D Foosball lands on Spanish press:

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