Learn the vowels




    These are interactive games for preschool children, which are aimed to learn the vowels, improve their knowledge and stimulate language development.
    The vowels are phonemes (sounds) that may constitute syllables and even words, something that can´t do the consonants. Its importance lies in the fact that they are the central base or start of the whole reading - writing process, allowing the child to have a comprehensive development in this matter.
    These games consist in engage children in activities with each of the vowels, starting from a visual approach, listening, vowels associations, listening discrimination to recognition of initial, medial and final sound, among others.
    Learning through playing is fundamental as it enriches the teaching-learning process, increasing motivation and giving joy and satisfaction through the application.
    The games have educational purposes and are designed on the needs of each child, which promotes a significant learning.
    All sets have more than 200 images, instructions and sounds.
    You are invited to meet and have fun in “learning through playing”.


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